Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bobby : The American Class Act (Part 3)

It goes without saying that Fischer had an incredible career for an autodidact and a solitary person.
He quickly understood that he needed to leave the American continent not only to improve his game but also to understand his opponents better.

During the 60s, Bobby “the traveller” met many key figures. In Yugoslavia, he was popular and has kept many friends. The chess-cowboy is also admired by soviet players.

Chess in France, in England, in the United States and a little everywhere on the planet wouldn’t be what it is without Bobby.

Here you go, this article is not written to talk about the current news concerning Fischer. The chess community has already risen to his defence. It has succeeded to free him. Fischer is now an Icelandic citizen and our ambassador of the beautiful game.

Bobby is free; long may he stay that way…

(translated by miss AW)

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