Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bobby : The American Class Act (Part 2)

The key dates

-1943: Robert James Fischer was born
-1957-1958: Winner of the American championships in New York (a title which he will win more than once)
-1958: Portoroz (Yougoslavia) Fischer made his mark by finishing 5th-6th in a tournament of candidates for the world title
Belgrade (Yugoslavia) 4 game match against Matulovic, Fischer won 2.5 - 1.5
-1960: Mar del Plata (Argentina) 1st place
Reykjavik (Island) 1st place
-1962: Stockholm (Sweden) Fischer won the interzonal (qualifying tournament for the world championships)
Curacao 4th place in a tournament of candidates for the world title which was a good result for the young Bobby
-1965: Havana (Cuba) Fischer shared 2nd place with two other players
-1967: Monaco 1st place
Skopje (Yugoslavia) 1st place
Once again, Fischer abandoned the world cycle. This time he was very displeased with the qualifying system which favoured the soviets
-1968: Israel 1st place
Yugoslavia 1st place

Afterwards, he decided to play in the world championships; doing so in spectacular fashion. In the first match, he beat Taimonov 6 - 0 then Larsen 6 – 0. A formidable score against two very respected players.
The American giant now needed to beat the ex world champion Tigran Petrossian in order to play the title holder Boris Spassky.
Fischer managed to overcome each hurdle one by one. In 1972, he became world champion by beating Spassky in Reykjavik. The chess world, completely in awe, began to worship their new King.

Later, Fischer returned to New York………he decided to stop playing chess.

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