Tuesday, June 14, 2005


On the subject of Anand, I invite you to take a look at the website TNQ Sponsorship in order to learn more about the Indian genius’ career. Anand is a national star in one of the most populated countries in the world. His amazing climb to the top has enabled India to obtain an international recognition in the world of chess. Does this mean that the game of chess has returned to its ancestral routes?

Do not hesitate to post your comments regarding this debate even if they are harsh.
There are many questions to be asked.

Should Vladimir Kramnik, the only person to beat the King, snub this super tournament?
Wouldn’t it be possible for Garry to create a final sensation on planet 64?

See you soon bloggers.

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Anonymous said...

Firstly, great website/blog!! I totally agree with Kramnik for declining his invitation to play in the FIDE world championship tournament as long as he sticks to what he says and definitely plays the winner of this tournament. It's almost as if FIDE doesn't care about Kramnik and his title anymore

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would love Kasparov to come out of retirement and play a rematch against Kramnik for the world title...bring it on!!

Anonymous said...

Love your idea but it wouldn't work for two main reasons:

1) Kramnik probably wouldn't agree to a rematch

2) Imagine Kasparov wins and says that this match was just a one off and that he preferes to pursue a political career. The chess world would once again be in turmoil and the reunification process would be ruined