Wednesday, May 11, 2005


However, here you are…

The investors have cold feet and the web channel finds itself sponsor-less. That’s life!

Stéphane Laborde, not discouraged by this, creates with Matthieu Samakh (a pro at putting on show events, the life and soul of the party and a super photographer) the company Chaturanga.

Their aim: to create a grand prix circuit in France and why not in Europe….Throughout the world.

Finally, they have just organised “The Grand Prix of Bordeaux”. This tournament has been fantastic for me (I have been able to play against Anatoly Karpov) and for the spectators (they have been able to watch the victory of the Russian grandmaster against the very strong Moroccan Hichem Hamdouchi).

Enough of the waffle…

I will leave you to appreciate the show.

See you later.

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