Wednesday, March 30, 2005


NANTES 1993 : French Championship second
1999 – 2001 : Presenter at Diagonale TV (Canal web – Internet Media)
Consultant for World Chess Cup of Rapid Games in CANNES
Many selections for National Team
BLED 2002 : Captain of Women French Team for the Olympiades
2002 Coach of Marie Sebag (European Champion -16)
Belong to Cannes Chess Club where I get many Podium in fench League

At 33 years old, I spend already many thousand hours playing chess. So let’s say that there are many things to discover. The Chess Life is fascinating & I must admit that I am satisfied with my score of 1 out 3 with world champions (Mikhail Tal equal game : Boris Spassky equal game : Gary Kasparov this time I loose)

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