Wednesday, September 28, 2005


#2003# THE JOKER

Iepe, alias The Joker is the first world champion of Chess Boxing. In 2003, Iepe who hails from Berlin beat Luis "The Lawyer" in Amsterdam’s Paradisio after a really brutal match. This modern hero is a defender who campaigns for his new sport (made easy with boxing gloves… admittedly, not a person you want to mess with!) :+)


On the 17th April 2004, the first intercontinental match of Chess Boxing was held at the Times and Style Gallery (Tokyo). "The Joker" once more succeeded to beat his Japanese opponent Soichiro alias "Cho-Yabai" or "The Very Dangerous".

These matches created a sensation in the international world of sport. The “Murray Walkers” of modern times were able to overexcite the crowd with their live commentary.

--Signed Shabanovsky alias "The Shab" :+)

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